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E mail

All UPM students are entitled to a free personal e mail account. Aside from this account, students have full access to WIFI zones in the School, VPN and to Politécnica Virtual, a virtual environment (see below) that offers extra on line services. More information is available at:


Politécnica Virtual

Is a new Web environment offering personalized access to the University resources and services at all Higher Education levels. More information is available at:


Remote Access Service (UPM-VPN)

The new Remote Access Service UPM-VPN gives you access to on line University resources off the campus facilities. UPM-VPN affords:


Campus WI-FI

Access to WI-FI services is available from laptop computers provided you have an active e mail account registered in the Rector’s Administration Office and a laptop including a WI-FI card. WI-FI zones are available in all UPM Schools and Faculties. More information at:


SMS grades messaging

This service offers the possibility of receiving SMS messages about marks, dates and sites for exam events totally free of charge. To that purpose, you have to register you cell phone number in Politécnica Virtual. More information at:



You can register in your courses from home. This service is available from the second year. Easy, fast and safe. More information at:



Access to the Internet using your UPM password is also available while you are traveling. More information at: and