School History

Although the profession of “Quantity Surveyor”, today Building Engineering, is a technical profession which has been among the oldest ones in our country, the studies for this professional training were not officially established until 1855, with the advent of the Noble Arts Academies. Some years later in 1895, a new Royal Decree ascribed the studies to the Schools of Architecture. Noteworthy is the July 16/1935 Official Decree whereby the participation of the Aparejador is first established as an obligatory agent in all building works. Nevertheless, it was not until August 10, 1955 that the Schools of Quantity Surveying dissociated themselves from the Schools of Architecture.
Official university status was gained in 1970, when the General Law of Education established that all Schools of Quantity Surveying (Arquitectura Técnica) would be incorporated into the official university structure. On May 10, 1972 the School of Arquitectura Técnica becomes part of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM).
Finally, the new Law of Building Organization 38/1999 of Nov. 5th (L.O.E) published at the Official State Bulletin on Nov 6th 1999, became a landmark in the career of quantity surveyors (Building Engineers), as in this Law the presence of a quantity surveyor as the Construction Process Manager becomes compulsory for every building construction.

Regarding the current School of Arquitectura Técnica, the first news about an interest to construct a building which would house the Quantity Surveyor studies goes back to March 18th, 1958. At that moment, the Director General of Technical Studies appointed the former Dean of the School of Architecture, Fernando Madrazo, to commission three architects for the construction project of the new School in Madrid.

One year later, the new project for the building construction was awarded and the works started in 1960. The building was finished in 1969.